Q: How do I make a booking on Xirooms?

A: Please follow the steps bellow for booking on Xirooms

-Click the hotels tab from our homepage.

-Enter your destination and desired date.

-Click the SEARCH HOTELS button. You'll get a page with a hotel list that is avaliable on your desired date and destination.

-First click on show details and get the full hotel details. Then select your rooms from the available option.

-then click reserve,which will take you to a booking page where you will need to update your information.

-Finally, pay throughyour card orselected payment mode to complate your purchase.

Q: Can you provide the room rates per person or room-wise on Xirooms?

A: You will see the room rates as per room choice. You will never see room rent as per person.

Q: Can I check for budget hotels on Xirooms?

A: You can easily filter hotels to find the best match within your budget. Search for hotels at your desired destination, click on the filter, and find the budget hotels for your convenience.

Q: Does the room rates include tax and service charges on Xirooms?

A: Yes, the room rates include tax, service charge and others.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for hotel booking on Xirooms?

A: In the room details section, you will find the cancelation policy for the room. Each room type has different types of cancelation policies.

Q: May I know why there is more then one rate for the same room type?

A: Room rents are sometimes different on the exact search. And this is because of special discounts, offer prices, promotions and cancellation policy.

Q: How can I be sure whether I received a discount on Xiroom?

A: You can know if youhave received a discount as it shows along with the room's actual rent and your final price after the applicable discount. That is how you will know the availed deal.

Q: Can I add an extra bed/baby cot in my room?

A: Yes, you can easily add an extra baby cot or bed in your desired room. However, you need to notify beforehand to get the service on time. Plus, an additional charge may apply based on some property available.

Q: When sharing a room with their parents, is there an additional charge for children?

A: Children bellow 6 years can share a room with there parents. And this will not incur any additional charge. However, this depends solely on the hotel's policy which you will find in the terms and conditions section.

Q:Why is "Non-refundable" stated next to my room type?

A: This means when you rent this specific room at that price, you cannot claim a refund even you want to cancel the room.

Q: For a check-in date of today, is it possible to make a booking on the Xirooms website?

A: You can book the preferred room if you can see the room available on the Xirooms website or mobile app.

Q: What should I do if I want to book more than four rooms?

A: At a time, you can book a maximum of four rooms. You can book additional rooms on your next booking. You may also contact us for additional booking.

Q: Why has the room rate changed?

A: Room rates can change anytime due to the hotel authoritie's terms and conditions.