Problems in Tourism Industry in Bangladesh

Problems in Tourism Industry in Bangladesh

  • Saiful Islam
  • 26/10/2022
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The natural beauties of Bangladesh compel thousands of people to visit Bangladesh every year. However, the foreign visitor’s experience does not seem to be up to the mark as they do not return to visit Bangladesh again whereas our neighboring countries like India and Sri Lanka have millions of visitors who visit their country time and time again. The reason is pretty clear. Our country has some gross loopholes in the tourism sector. This article will focus on the problems of tourism in Bangladesh. These problems or loopholes need to be addressed so that respective authorities can solve these issues and make our country a tourist-friendly destination to visit. 

Lack of Quality Living Space

Bangladesh is abundant with natural landscapes. Hills, rivers, tea gardens, waterfalls, sea beaches, swamp forests, the world’s biggest mangrove forest, coral island, and many other places that we can be proud of. Every year millions of people visit these places. Nevertheless, these places have very few quality living spaces where tourists can stay and enjoy their visit. Maintaining the hospitality standard in hotels or rooms is one of the challenges in the tourism industry in Bangladesh. Xi-rooms are committed to ensure a comfortable and quality room for everyone. 

Lack of Proper Infrastructure

Bangladesh has had a notable development in infrastructure. However, like always the tourism sector has been neglected. So, the development we see is not focused on tourism whereas we could have generated a huge amount of revenue from this sector if the infrastructure were tourism-centric. Because of this issue, we are lagging behind our neighboring countries. Hotels and restaurants are not suitable for foreign tourists. The amenities are not up to the mark. The hotels don’t provide enough recreational activities. There is a security concern as well. Overall, the infrastructure is yet to be tourism-friendly. In a situation like this, Xi-rooms guarantees you provide an excellent guest experience no matter which hotel you stay in. 

Lack of Efficient Tour Operators

Another gross issue in the tourism sector in Bangladesh is the lack of efficient tour operators. The presence of professional tour operators contributes to the increase of visitors to a particular place. In our country, most tour operators are doing business without focusing on customer demands. This is why the existing tour operators have a poor customer satisfaction history. Over the years, it has become a serious problem in this industry. 

Unskilled ManPower in the Industry

The hospitality industry requires well-trained professionals. In our country, there are very few institutes that provide training to people who want to come into the tourism industry. As a consequence, many unskilled professionals are entering the industry and destroying the quality. They cannot meet the minimum of what a guest expects. So, Xi-rooms have taken the onus of revolutionizing guest experience. Xi-rooms understands the importance of the tourism industry for the betterment of the economy. 

High Price Accommodation

Most people in our country look for the best rooms at the cheapest possible price. Well, it’s not possible to provide the best rooms at the cheapest price. So, the room price is mostly higher than the expectation. Similarly, the available services are not compatible with the price. However, Xi-rooms has come to solve this common problem that tourists face. Xi-rooms provide comfortable rooms at the most affordable price. 

Issues in Transportation & Commutation 

Most districts have a good transportation system from the capital. Still, there are some areas where railway or road connections are yet to be made. Moreover, traveling within the local areas is more difficult because of the problems in commuting. Finding a comfortable room in the local area is even harder. This is why issues in transportation and commutation are as serious as other existing problems in this sector. 

Wrapping Up

Bangladesh is a developing country. Even after being naturally blessed with so many beautiful landscapes, we are struggling to do well in the tourism sector. It is because of the problems we are enduring in this sector. Some issues are extremely serious whereas others are in the process of solving. The issues mentioned above are the most noteworthy and need to be addressed immediately.

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